Linked by Pink

Project Details

Some of the perks of doing freelance work on the side is that I have the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes through professional service. Linked by Pink is a charitable organization based out of Erie, PA that raises awareness for young breast cancer. Their mission touches close to home for me since my grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 2006 and my mother is currently battling cancer. I was given the opportunity to help them expand their presence on the web and I was delighted to help.

I designed an easy to use and update responsive website using WordPress so that the ladies at Linked by Pink could continue to manage their site with minimal assistance. Although they were adamant about not changing their logo, I transformed their outdated website and branding into a modern and inviting mobile experience. Since it went live, they've seen a large increase in donations through their site as well as an increase in subscribers to their email newsletter.

  • Agency Charitable Freelance
  • Client Linked by Pink
  • Completion February 2016
  • My Role Designer/Developer

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